Monday, 22 September 2014

Interview on Fly High book blog!

We are very proud and happy to announce that the newest interview with Kamil Gruca is published on the Fly High book blog run by Maria Grazia.

Interview with Kamil Gruca on Fly High book blog

FLY HIGH book blog deals with historical fiction literature and movies. We seriously recommend you to check it out!

Also, you can get your own copy of 'Gentlemen of Pitchfork' ebook for free! For more information visit the FLY HIGH book blog!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The author talks about 'Gentlemen of Pitchfork pt.2 - writing, sources and inspirations

You can also access it through this link:

Interview with Kamil Gruca on YouTube (pt.2)

We hope you enjoy the video and are as eager to see 'Gentlemen of Pitchfork' on Amazon Kindle Store as we are!

If you have any questions about the book or swordsmanship training you would like the author to answer on video do suggest them in the comments to this post!