Wednesday, 9 July 2014

King's Herald Contest II - closed

Hear ye, hear ye good folk of England!

His majesty hopes you are enjoying the excerpts from the pages of his royal chronicler doctor Joachim of Oxford.

Now he wishes to test whether you have been reading with proper attention of a good royal servant.

Whoever shall guess what is the family battlecry of the Nevilles from Pitchfork shall be rewarded with his own free copy of the 'Gentlemen of Pitchfork' e-book!

The reward shall await for the first 3 claimants who state the correct answer in the comments to this notice!

The results of this royal contest shall be announced on the day of the publication of 'Gentlemen of Pitchfork'!


As of  August 1st the contest is officially closed!

1 comment:

  1. Important update:
    The contest shall be prolonged for further 2 weeks until the end of July!