Wednesday, 18 June 2014

About the author

Kamil Gruca is an active knight who confirmed his battle prowess by winning the Polish National Knights League in 2006 under the alias of Sir Robert Neville. He has studied medieval swordsmanship for over 15 years hence his novels are full of dynamic and realistic swordplay.

Kamil is currently honing his skills at the Historical Academy of the Sword:

Historical Academy of the Sword

Being an avid reenactor and a passionate history geek the author moved to France to study documents unavailable in other countries that would add to the feel and realism of the book on multiple levels.

We encourage you to visit Kamil's reenactment group:

His first novel “Panowie z Pitchfork” was published in 2009 by a major publishing house Rebis. Receiving a warm welcome from Polish critics, readers and fellow writers, the first part of the adventures of the young and keen Sir Robert was soon followed by a sequel “Baron i Łotr”, published by another publishing house Znak, bringing closure to the major plot.

Now it is time to share the story with readers all around the globe.

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