Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The book

Join Sir Robert Neville, a young English knight, on a quest to discover the true nature of chivalry, love and philosophy in the unwelcoming lands of Northern France where he follows Henry V Lancaster on a campaign to reclaim his rightful legacy of the French crown.

 'Gentlemen of Pitchfork' takes place in the turbulent times of the 100 Years War. A war of succession between the English and the French crown. Moreover, due to the poor psychic condition of the French King, the State is torn within by an internal struggle for power between the dukes. 
It is told from the point of view of a young and poor English knight. He will get his first taste of war, sieges, duels, betrayal and intrigue but also love and practical philosophy.

There will be blood. 
There will be romance. 
There will be abductions and pursuits. 
There will be great history that echoed for centuries long after the last screams of the dying at Agincourt could be heard.

 A book like that has never been written before.
Don't miss out on this great adventure.

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