Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The making of

The idea for the book appeared around 2006 after Kamil Gruca won the annual Knights League contest. Kamil has been in the reenactors' movement for about 10 years already, learning history not only from the books but also from the routine of a knight's everyday life on a war expedition.
A life filled not only with sword training, wench pinching and deadly combat, but also the monotony of camp life, discomforts of travelling, poor diet and unfavourable weather.
Kamil's period of choice was the 100 Years War and the reality of life of English free companies, archers and knights alike.

One of key points was to ensure the highest level of historical fidelity possible and blend it with an engaging and dynamic plot so as not to write another history grimoire.
Using the already created persona of Sir Robert Neville it quickly became clear to Kamil what kind of story he would want to tell.
Despite some range of source material was available at hand it turned out that in order to dig deeper in the details of the period it was necessary to reach to the very source - French historical documents.
Kamil moved to France for two years to study whatever the French libraries and archives had to offer.

Another key aspect was to portray swordfights in the way they actually happen. Modern films and fantasy book tend to side with the more visual charm of this discipline ignoring practicality and realism. That is understandable. For Kamil however, who is reconstructing the nearly lost art of medieval swordsmanship from lost treatises and chronicles it was and is important to promote the true image of this art. Without lacking on the flash and bang end of course!

This book is a work of love. Love for the art of the sword, love for history and love for a good story above all.
We hope you enjoy it!

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